Why Life's Abundance is Better!

Their Mission:
To make healthy living easier with products that are inspired by nature and informed by science.

Since 1998, Life's Abundance (which was first founded as Trilogy International) has been driven by the commitment to create exceptional health products for pets, people and the planet. Knowing they needed to have a strategic person in the company who was the key formulator of the products, they soon found Dr. Jane Bicks at a pet fair. As one of the nation's leading holistic veterinarians, Dr. Jane, as she is known, quickly understood the positive impact she and Life's Abundance could have in helping to provide high quality and nutritious pet foods and treats for pet parents. 

Over the coming years the company developed a strong leadership and visionary team. And in 2010 the company officially changed their name from Trilogy International to Life's Abundance which offered a clearer understand of what the company stood for. Then in 2012, Life's Abundance received a prestigious award as one of the top 50 Florida Companies to Watch. 

They have continued to grow and develop into a caring company that not only sells incredible pet and human health products, but a company that allows people like you and me to participate in their independent representative program to earn an additional income each month simply by recommending these wonderful products and opportunity to others. For more information visit our Home Business Opportunity page.

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